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Best News Video Editing Software/App Free Download

Do you want to make news videos to upload on Youtube news channels and other platforms, But can’t find the best video editing software for news channels? Then you are in the right place. Here I am gonna share the best news video editing software for both PC and smartphone. Using these software packages you can create and edit news videos just like those professional news videos which you see on TV news channels.

If you make use of these software/apps, Then you don’t need to hire a video editor, director. You can create the videos on your own without anyone’s help, But you need a green screen behind while recording the news video. Now let us get started.

1.Kinemaster (News Video Editing Software For Smartphone Users)

Best News Video Editing Software

If you do not have a PC then you can easily create news videos on smartphones using the Kinemaster app. To do so, shoot a news video in front of a green screen and follow the below steps.

Add a News Background.

Open the Kinemaster app, start a new project, and add background video which has a news theme by taping on the media button.

Add Recorded Video.

Tap on the layer button, then tap media and add the news video which you have recorded in front of a green screen. Position the video wherever you want. Now remove the green screen behind you by enabling the chroma key option.

Add Headlines and footages.

By using the layer button, you can add news summary headlines on the top and bottom of the screen, and also you can add any footage in between the video.

Click here to install Kinemaster

2. Movavi Video Editor(News Video Editing Software for PC).

If you have a PC, Then you should consider using Movavi video editor. It is the best news video editing software. If you know the basics of video editing you can easily edit videos on Movavi video editor. Click here to watch a detailed video on how to edit news videos on Movavi Video Editor.

Click Here To Download Movavi Video Editor.

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