WhatsApp status video editor or maker app

5 Best WhatsApp Status Video Editor/Maker Apps

Are you in the search of the best WhatsApp status video editor or maker app? Then here are the 5 best apps that are in the play store using which you can create cool WhatsApp status Videos. These apps provide you with readymade templates and frame effects. So you just have to make small changes to customize your status videos. All the steps to make status videos are given for each app.

1.MV Bit Master Whatsapp Status Video Editor

First on our list is MV Bit Master. This is the best WhatsApp status video editor/maker app because this app makes it very easier to make or edit status videos. This app provides tons of templates to make Whatsapp status video. You can make a slideshow video by using multiple photos and can add background music to it. You will get a lot of free templates, effects, and song clips to make your video colorful.

MV Bit Master WhatsApp status video editor app

How to Make Status Videos In MV Bit Master?

As soon as you open the MV Bit Master app, You will get to see a lot of templates with different effects and music, Select the one which you want, and then you should add the images using which you want to make a slideshow video. You can add music from the huge library which is available in the app itself. You can make other small edits also. That’s it, Your WhatsApp status video is ready. You can export it to your device storage from the app. So this was the easy step to make WhatsApp video in MV Bit Master App.

Click here to download MV Bit Master

2.Boo(Made in India WhatsApp Status Video Editor)

Boo is an awesome made in India app. This WhatsApp status video editor app provides readymade videos which you can customize according to your wish. It is almost similar to MV Master but here you will get a variety of templates and designs of various themes. By using this app you can make fresh status for WhatsApp and other apps.

Boo WhatsApp status video editor app

How to use the Boo WhatsApp status video editor?

The procedure to use the Boo app is very easy. Once you open the app you will get several designs and templates. These templates include themes like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Friendship, Friendship, Magical, Lyrical, News, etc. Download one of them and select the images you want to add to the video. After that select the music. And finally, export the video, and your WhatsApp status is ready to upload.

However, you can also use Boo as a status downloader.

Click here to download Boo

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3.Funloop By Whatscutpro

Funloop by Whatscutpro

Funloop is a WhatsApp status video editor app in which you can make four types of  status videos, These are

  1. Photostory(Slide Show).
  2. Audio Story.
  3. Animated Story.
  4. Audio Visualizer Story.

But in order to use the Funloop app, you need to sign up using your mail id and mobile number. Funloop provides you with the option of posting WhatsApp story within the app itself. So now let us see how to create a status video using Funloop.

1. Photo Story(Slide Show WhatsApp status video).

Open the Funloop app and click on the status maker section. Now click on the Photo Story-Basic option. Choose multiple pictures you want to add to the slideshow. You can add background music either by downloading from the online library in the app or from your device storage. Also, it is possible to add text and emojis and fast forward or make the video in slow motion. After the video is created you can directly post to WhatsApp from the app itself.

2. Audio Story

In the Audio Story mode, you can create a status video using a single image and a template, and music. Click on the Audio Story option and then select the template you want to use. Now choose a music file and then choose an image you want to add. You can also add text and emojis to the video. That’s it, Your status video is ready to share on WhatsApp.

3. Animated Story

Animated story is the same as the Audio Story, But the difference is here you can add a cool animated template instead of a normal one.

4. Audio Visualizer

In the Audio Visualizer option, you can make a status video which has a background image and an audio playing along with a Visualizer symbol which moves when the audio plays. So to make this just click on the Audio visualizer option and select an audio file. You can also add text and emojis. And then click on create. Your video will be ready to post.

Click here to download Funloop

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4. Lyrical.ly WhatsApp Status Video Editor

Lyrical.ly app

This app is very famous when it comes to status video making. It has a good rating on the play store. You can easily make any kind of status videos using this app. The user interface of this app is very good.

So let us see how to use the Lyrical.ly WhatsApp status video editor app? First, when you open the Lyrical.ly app, You will get a lot of cool templates to make a status video. You will get a lot of categories for templates such as birthday song, love, anniversary, friends, trending, etc. Download any one of them according to your wish, And then select whichever images you want to add and click the create option.

You will get a watermark in the video, but the cool part is you can remove the watermark by watching an ad video. After this, your status video for WhatsApp is ready to post. You can view all of your created status videos by clicking on my creation button.

Click here to download Lyrical.ly

5. My Photo Lyrical Video Status Maker With Music

My Photo Lyrical Video Status Maker With Music

This Whatsapp status video editor app has more features than Lyrical.ly like you can arrange the photos in a slideshow video, you can add different filters, you can remove the watermark from the video by watching an ad, and a lot more. You will get three types of status video makers in this app. They are

1. Music Bit Video Maker

When you click on this option you will get various templates, download one of them and then add the photo of your choice, You can change music, add filter, overlayer, edit text on the video template. Next click on download to store this video on your phone.

2. Magical Video Maker

Click on this option, download template, add pictures, crop, and arrange them. If you want to change the music or rewrite the words on video- click on save.

3. Lyrical Video Maker

First, select the music, then select images and arrange them, You have the option of changing lyrics text color, style, and position. Next name your video and it will be saved.

Click here to download My Photo Lyrical Video Status Maker

So these were the 5 best WhatsApp status video editor or maker apps on the play store using which we can create amazing Whatsapp status videos. I hope you found this post useful. If you know any of the other Whatsapp status video editor apps then please comment below. Thank you for reading😊, Check out our other posts too.











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